Hip Square

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Introducing the Insightful Products Hip Square.

An exact match product to maintain a level hip line and leg length equality, for wearers of the Step-Smart® Brace for Drop Foot. (Purchase includes 4 Velcro patches for installing in your shoes)

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More about the Hip Square: Wearing a brace on one leg and not the other adds length to the side with the brace. The user it taller by the thickness of the foot plate.
This leg length disparity can, over time, add to fatigue, lower back pain or exacerbate other existing conditions.

The New Hip Square matches the Step Smart foot plate exactly, providing symmetrical support for both legs.

Velcro attachments (included in package) will hold Hip Square in place in your opposite shoe, and allow you to move it from shoe to shoe.

The Hip Square sizing is the same as the Step-Smart® Brace. Remember this is for the opposite foot and if you have a top cover, or any foot section padding on your Step Smart Brace, then you will need to have it on the Hip Square, to maintain a level pelvis. (Purchase includes 4 Velcro patches for installing in your shoes)