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Foot of the Week – Episode 6 – AFO Solutions

In this week’s video blog, we show you our preferred method of “ankle brace casting” for a custom AFO. Although, we will take any type of cast, we prefer the STS sock, ranging from STS slipper casts, 3/4 length STS casts and full length STS sock casts. The STS slipper sock would be suitable for the Step-Smart as we only need the plantar surface of the foot (a partially weight bearing foam box impression also works for the Step-Smart brace for foot drop). A 3/4 length STS cast works well for any of our Blaze braces (designed for early stage Post tib or typical ankle instability issues) where the cast goes just above the malleoli, and the full length STS sock works best for the Schooner style Gaunlet brace (designed for late stage post tib) which is similar to the Arizona brace.

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Video Transcript:
Welcome back! My name’s Ian from Insightful Products. This is Ben. We’re going to cast Ben for a brace. So, here are the things you need: scissors, gloves, STS socks. These two things came with the STS sock – a tube, the cutting strip and then plastic bag. Of course, water and some tape. A couple of pieces of this paper tape will do. What this does, this just merely keeps the cast saw or scissors from catching the bag. Now, I gotta tape this right to the cutting strip, what this is going to do is create a channel. You just tape this cutting strip to Ben’s leg and then on top of it, we tape this tube. Now we’re going to put the plastic bag on.

Time to make sure the water gets saturated through the STS sock.

I’m rubbing water onto it afterwards to help set it off. So, we get this at 90-90-90. Okay? Sitting gives you a little bit of partial weight bearing. It flattens out the bottom and suggests what the foot’s going to look like inside a shoe.

To take this cast off, it came out a little bit big or that is long because we used the large sock and Ben’s leg is thin. But it doesn’t matter. For the Schooner, we’ll need it about that long; for the Blaze or the LI you just need it that long and for the Step-Smart brace, a slipper cast, or slipper sock would be fine.

Write on the cast and tell us what brace you want, who the patient is, who you are, and maybe even your phone number is not a bad idea.

Thanks for tuning in to Foot of The Week! See you next week!

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