Foot of the Week – Episode 6 – AFO Solutions

Gordon Holman Casting, Custom Ankle Braces, Foot of the Week

In this week’s video blog, we show you our preferred method of “ankle brace casting” for a custom AFO. Although, we will take any type of cast, we prefer the STS sock, ranging from STS slipper casts, 3/4 length STS casts and full length STS sock casts. The STS slipper sock would be suitable for the Step-Smart as we only need the plantar surface of the foot (a partially weight bearing foam box impression also works for the Step-Smart brace for foot drop). A 3/4 length STS cast works well for any of our Blaze braces (designed for early stage Post tib or typical ankle instability issues) where the cast goes just above the malleoli, and the full length STS sock works best for the Schooner style Gaunlet brace (designed for late stage post tib) which is similar to the Arizona brace.

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