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New Custom AFO for PTD Testimonial, Dr. Marc Feder, DPM

Dr. Marc Feder, DPM, talks about the new Blaze MI AFO for post-tib (Posterior Tibial Tendonitis or PTD). The Blaze MI ankle brace is a custom ankle foot orthosis that helps people with medial ankle instability. It is an articulated design that works well for those with early-stage PTTD.

Video Transcript:
For my patients with posterior tibial dysfunction, I prefer to use the Blaze AFO for medial instability. I like many features about the device. I like the stability that it offers their gait. I find it a great rehabilitative device, prior to even exploring the need for surgery. Often times offsetting the need for surgical intervention. I like the design of it. I like the fact there’s a very wide band, Velcro band, that helps to secure the upright portion. I like the offset of the articulation. I also like the flexible bladder over the medial malleolus. For my patients I find easy acceptability and I think it helps in their condition.

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