Ian Engelman showing how to don the Step-Smart brace

Two Styles of Donning the Step-Smart

Ian Shoe Donning

This week, Ian shares two ways you can don your Step-Smart brace. Watch and find the way that works best for you! Video Transcript: Hi! Ian here. In this video what we’re gonna show is a couple of ways you can put on your Step-Smart brace. We call it donning …

Ian Engelman talking about the advantages of the short footplate on the Step Smart Brace

Why The Step-Smart Brace is Small

Kathy Fisher AFO

It has come to our attention often that people wonder how The Step-Smart Brace for Drop Foot can be as effective as other Ankle-Foot Orthotics (AFO’s) while having a shorter footplate. The answer is in the unique design and how the brace works in conjunction with your shoe. In this …

Ian Engelman talking about how to find the right size for your Step-Smart brace

How to Choose the Correct Step-Smart Brace Size For You

Kathy Fisher Blog, How to

In this short video, we show you how to quickly discern what size Step-Smart brace is best for you and why wearing the correct size is important. The Step-Smart brace comes in an X-Small, Small/Medium, Large/X-Large, and XX-Large configuration. To make sizing easier, we’ve translated sizing to match standard shoe …

A frame from the video showing how the ankle orthotic and shoe fit together.

Ankle-Foot Orthotic Shoe combination for Foot Drop Patients

Kathy Fisher AFO

In this week’s blog, we demonstrate the AFO strategy used by Insightful Products to attach the AFO or ankle brace to the shoe using Velcro. The foot and ankle brace is attached to the shoe using a hook and loop pile. By attaching the ankle brace to the shoe, the …

Back Surgery Drop Foot Brace Frustration

Kathy Fisher Blog

Frustration with his old drop foot brace led Joe, from Massachusetts to contact us at Insightful Products, about our Step-Smart Brace for Drop foot. Following back surgery over 15 years ago, Joe, like many who go through such surgeries, found he had developed drop foot.  Seeking relief Joe had tried …

Ernie’s Step-Smart Brace Experience

Ian Blog

Earlier this past summer, we had the pleasure of welcoming Ernie to our our headquarters, in Scarborough, Maine, for a consultation with Ian Engleman, CPO, inventor of the Step-Smart Brace and founder and owner of Insightful Products! Ernie drove up from Rhode Island o learn more about the Step-Smart and see if it would suit his drop foot needs.

Bilateral Drop Foot solution for Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT)

Gordon Holman Blog

A bilateral drop foot patient is able to walk better immediately after putting on the Step-Smart braces for Drop Foot. This patient has Charcot Marie Tooth. Without any practice, the patient put on the braces, and we filmed before and after he tried the Step-Smart brace. After a little practice, …