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Parts and Accessories Available for the Step-Smart Brace for Drop Foot

This week, Ian Engelman, Founder of Insightful Products, explains how the design of The Step-Smart Brace for Drop Foot is modular so that many of the components can be replaced, as needed, after a long period of wearing it. We offer these parts and accessories on our website for your convenience at https://insightfulproducts.com/buy/ and would be happy to assist you at any time with more information. Walk On!

Video Transcript: 

Hi! We had a question recently about our accessories so I’m here to explain a little bit about that. When you get the Step-Smart Brace it comes with a set of bumpers. Some come with the bumpers installed already and uneven tensors. Now, the brace is modular so if things wear out you don’t have to replace the whole brace. You can just replace the parts that you need. For instance, you can order new bumpers. You can order a new strap. You can order tensors. You can even order a foot section or a calf section. The I-strap can be replaced although you have to find somebody who can rivet and the calf strap is easy to replace since it’s just velcroed into place.

The other accessory that you may want to take advantage of might be the Hip Square. So naturally, by putting a Step-Smart Brace on one foot and not the other there’s a little bit of a difference in leg length discrepancy. So by ordering the Hip Square for the other side (so if you’re on the right side you would order for the left) then you can square up your hips and make things more comfortable for you. So you can order just amber, you can order black, you can order green, or you can order the variety kit. These are the tensors. They come with the two Allen wrenches and the screws to replace the tensors. This is a velcro kit which allows you to velcro it into your shoe better. Here is the hip square, the I-strap, and the calf strap.

Unfortunately, we really can’t offer the top cover. If you’re going to have a top cover for your brace you’re going to want to order that initially. The other thing that some people take advantage of is the Tri-Ped. This is meant for night walking so in the middle of the night you may want to use this. You slip your foot in here and strap the strap around the top of your calf and away you go. So it’s like barefoot walking at home.

All these pieces are available right on the web in our online store under accessories.


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