Step-Smart Essentials Package

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It’s all right here- The Essential Package for Step Smart wearers. One click gets you everything you need to get going with the Step Smart brace. $30  Savings compared to purchased separately.

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The Step Smart Brace is a lightweight, fully articulated brace for those who suffer from drop foot.

This package includes:

  • 1 Sm/Med or Lg/XL Step Smart brace with Top cover*
  • 1 Hip Square** Compensatory Insert with Top cover
  • 2 Compression component (bumper) kits total with 1 horseshoe velcro piece ****

Cost $334 if purchased separately.

* Top Cover: Foam-backed black leather pad that is glued to top of foot section for added comfort and cushion

** Hip Square: An exact match product to maintain a level hip line and leg length equality, for wearers of the Step-Smart® Brace for Drop Foot.

**** Compression component kits and Velcro: Variety packs of bumpers which vary in density and resistance level to assist in dialing in proper level of pressure and lift for each user. Horseshoe Velcro- optional piece for securing brace in shoe.