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Step-Smart Essentials Package

From $265.00

It’s all right here- The Essential Package for Step Smart wearers. One click gets you everything you need to get going with the Step Smart brace. If you purchased all these items separately, you’d pay $304. That’s a $39 savings.

What is the Step-Smart Brace?

Learn about the brace that has helped thousands of people walk better.

How to Choose the Correct Step-Smart Brace Size For You

In this short video we show you how to quickly discern what size Step-Smart brace is best for you and why wearing the correct size is important.

Do I need a cuffed calf section?

A Cuffed Calf addition can make the Step-Smart brace more comfortable to wear for certain users.

Would a top cover be useful for me?

In this video Ian talks about the top cover for the Step-Smart brace and whether you should get on when purchasing your Insightful Products Step-Smart Brace for Drop Foot.

Do I need a hip square?

If you have an uneven hip height, the hip square is sure to make you more comfortable.


The Step Smart Brace is a lightweight, fully articulated brace for those who suffer from drop foot.

This package includes:

  • 1 Sm/Med or Lg/XL Step Smart brace with Top cover*
  • 1 Hip Square** Compensatory Insert with Top cover
  • 2 Compression component (bumper) kits total with 4 horseshoe velcro pieces and 2 sets of L&J’s ****

Cost $304 if purchased separately.

* Top Cover: Foam-backed black leather pad that is glued to top of foot section for added comfort and cushion

** Hip Square: An exact match product to maintain a level hip line and leg length equality, for wearers of the Step-Smart® Brace for Drop Foot.

**** Compression component kits and Velcro: Variety packs of bumpers which vary in density and resistance level to assist in dialing in proper level of pressure and lift for each user. Horseshoe Velcro- optional piece for securing brace in shoe.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 7 in

Men's US 5 and smaller/ Women's US 6.5 and smaller/ Euro 37 and smaller+ $100.00 (XS), Men's US 5.5-10/ Women's US 7-11.5/ Euro 38-44 (S-M), Men's US 10.5-13.5/ Women's US 12-15/ Euro 44.5 -48 (L-XL), Men's US 14 and larger/Women's US 15.5 and larger/ Euro 48.5 and larger + $100.00 (XXL)

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    Hello. My wifa suffers from drop foot. She is actually using her 2nd one. We are buying her 3rd one now as we live in Mexico and she doesn´t want to spend any time without it. It has been great for so many years now. Highly recommended.

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