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How to cast for these braces

  • Addresses conditions like Posterior Tibial Tendinitis (PTT), excessive pronation, tibialis dysfunction, and internal rotation
  • Patented malleolar window provides control and comfort
  • Medial articulation placement and broad medial surface prevents medial malleous discomfort and skin breakdown
  • Sustentaculum Tali (ST) post increases medial support
  • ST pad improves rotational control and talus support
  • Fifth-ray cut-out maximizes correction and improves shoe fit

Suggested SME L Codes (US Only):

  • L1970 custom articulated AFO
  • L2820 Soft Interface
  • L2275 ST pad*

Available Options:

Inversion Control Strap

– Suggested DME L Codes (US Only): L2270*

Arch Strap

– Suggested DME L Codes (US Only): L2270*



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