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Living with Drop Foot: Footwear, What a Difference a Shoe Makes

Living with Drop Foot can complicate most daily activities: from finding the right footwear, to compensating one’s gait (so as not to fall), it can be exhausting. Many of the commonly prescribed Drop Foot Braces will address a dropping foot, but do not provide a sustainable solution.

If you feel held back by your foot drop brace, the Insightful Blog is here to share information on the Step-Smart Drop Foot Brace and help you understand if this could be the right solution for you! As the Step-Smart Brace is a custom-fit (meaning off the shelf, not fully custom) results and outcomes will vary from person to person. We share tutorial and testimonial videos to help you better understand the drop foot solutions designed and manufactured by Insightful Products.

For this woman (video below), her big bulky drop foot brace was simply too uncomfortable to continue wearing so she started to do her own brace research online.  This lead her to a series of YouTube videos by Insightful Products, that seemed to be in line with what she was looking for. She decided to purchase the brace to give it a try (learn about our return policy HERE)! The outcomes for her far exceeded her expectations.

Her drop foot is a result of Myasthenia Gravis and multiple back and knee surgeries. After years of compromising her on shoe attire due to her old brace, she was ecstatic to discover that the Step-Smart Drop Foot Brace was not only far more comfortable, but enabled her to wear shoes she never dreamed of wearing again! Even though any brace requires compromise when it comes to footwear, the small and discreet frame of the Step-Smart Brace generally makes it easier to accommodate footwear and limit your shoe options to an extra wide sneaker. The foo-plate of the Step-Smart Brace allows for a better fit without compromising on effectiveness!




Understanding if a brace is appropriate for you can feel intimidating. Insightful Products has many resources to help you learn more about the Step-Smart Brace for Drop Foot:

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