Wearing Sandals with the Step-Smart Drop Foot Brace

Drop Foot and Sandal Modification

Ian Engelman Custom Ankle Braces

Welcome to the Insightful Blog! Today’s video shoes how some simple shoe modification can allow Step-Smart Brace users to wear sandals with their brace! Click the image above to read more and watch the video!

Living with Drop Foot : Footwear

Living with Drop Foot: Footwear, What a Difference a Shoe Makes

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If you feel held back by your foot drop brace, the Insightful Blog is here to share information on the Step-Smart Drop Foot Brace and help you understand if this could be the right solution for you! As the Step-Smart Brace is a custom-fit (meaning off the shelf, not fully custom) results and outcomes will vary from person to person. We share tutorial and testimonial videos to help you better understand the drop foot solutions designed and manufactured by Insightful Products.

What shoes work with the Step-Smart drop foot AFO Brace?

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