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New Foot Orthotic for Cleats and Small Athletic Shoes

OrthoticMe is designed to work with both the foot and the shoe. All shoes are different and all feet are different, so you not only need a custom solution for the foot, you need a custom solution for the foot and the shoe! OrthoticMe can be customized for any type of shoe, to work with any foot. The foot orthotic is the first modular orthotic that gives the patient full control of the solution to his or her foot pain.


New Custom AFO for PTD Testimonial, Dr. Marc Feder, DPM

Dr. Marc Feder, DPM, talks about the new Blaze MI AFO for post tib (Posterior Tibial Tendonitis or PTD). The Blaze MI ankle brace is a custom ankle foot orthosis that helps people with medial ankle instability. It is an articulated design that works well for those with early stage PTTD.



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